is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of all joints and fittings of high quality sanitary stainless steel pipes. Size ranges from ½" to 12". Main items such as: Butterfly Valve, Check Valve, Steam Valve, Relief Valve, Diaphragm Valve, Pneumatic Valve, Electric Valve, and other Sanitary Fittings complied with international standards like 3A, DIN, SMS, RJT, ISO, IDF, DS and etc.

The founder of QILI, Beckham Zhu, has been in the field since 1999 and under his management, QILI has now obtained a series of certificates such as 3A, ISO, SGS, BV and FDA through international professional agency audit.

When choosing QILI as your business partner, you're cooperating with a Chinese owned company that is very proud of comprehensive abilities from designing, manufacturing, all the way to sales and after service. QILI has been fighting for the good reputation of products MADE IN CHINA. Our team isn't only interested in providing products as service but also more interested in helping provide solutions to the technical problem or concern you have encountered in sanitary fields. We have confidence in building a long-term relationship that centers around you with mutual benefits, fully matching your requirements and providing the essential support you need to keep your business and facility running smoothly.

In addition to the Wenzhou headquarters, there are four sales departments including Taiwan, Wuhan and Chongqing, 36 members in sales teams. All of them are proficient in English and other languages, well trained with professional knowledge of stainless steel products so that to have good communication with customers and clients. Nowadays, QILI products have been exported to all over the world, nearly 40 countries in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania.

  • QILI FLUID has three professional workshops: CNC Machining Workshop, Forming & Polishing Workshop, and Hot Forging Workshop.
  • CNC Machining Workshop: 2,000 m²
  • CNC Machine Tool: 50 sets (foreign brands imported)
  • CNC Machining Center: 3 sets
  • Forming & Polishing Workshop: 2,000 m²
  • Sawing Machine: 2 sets
  • 250T/500T Press Machine: 8 sets
  • Hot Forging Workshop: 1,000 m²
  • Forging Machine: 6 sets


Although the goal is far away, as long as we go, we'll arrive. Although the things are difficult, as long as we do, we'll achieve.
Honesty is the foundation of living; credence is the base of the company.
Attitude is everything; the devil is in the details.
Quality is the life of an enterprise and the foundation of competitiveness.
Unity is Strength. Work Hand in Hand to Build a Better Future!
  • 1. 沟通: 避免许多无谓的误会和矛盾
  • 2. 信任: 老板、员工、同事之间保持信任,猜疑毁了团队
  • 3. 沉着: 保持理智,冲动只会使问题变得更糟,最后受损失的是整个团队
  • 4. 换位: 站对方的角度想,进行换位思考,会更好地理解同事、员工
  • 5. 氛围: 快乐的氛围才能构建起幸福的团队
Customers are all even. There's no difference of internal or external, big or small, intimate or not.
If you have any questions about stainless piping systems, just give our sales team a call or send us an email, providing you with our best solutions is the ultimate honor for us. QILI is looking forward to your visit, expecting to establish good relationships with like-minded customers and provide fine products and services to all of you.